Hi, I am Yogesh N Gajjar and i am a Photographer.

True transparency is key for every shoot with my years of passion for photography. I enjoy capturing moments that mean something to me and the my clients. Great important moments in our lives pass us by everyday that mean so much to every one of us that we want to freeze frame and hold on to for the rest of our lives.

My aim is to capture that moment by bringing out that true emotion and bursting personality that we all hold inside us. Pictures may say a thousand words however, personal emotions bring out a million thoughts.

With every model shoot, fashion shoot or project, i always put my clients at the forefront of every adventure i select. The people behind the scenes are just as important to me as the excitement of the whole project that brings the true color and passion in every final image carefully selected by me. Creating the magical image to a high end quality and finish to be proud to value.