In these hard times of a global pandemic where the UK along with the rest of the world having to lockdown for over 2-3 months. How do we prepare to reopen? This is a mammoth of a task for any business. How will your business reach out to thousands of people in a way that attracts new business and fast? Because let’s face facts, people have already found new and innovative ways to manage but they need your service. What can you do to help your business to pick up the economy and reach millions of people and tell them what you offer and why they need it? You know you have a great business, right!
Today i am going to share with you my 5 top reasons Every Business Needs A Photographer. Every business matter and it is important to understand the size of the task ahead. From large corporate companies to small sandwich shops or Burger vans, the high-quality images and branding is an imperative benefit to your business. The challenge for your businesses is not a simple image taken from a mobile phone or a DSLR. The main challenge is the perfect images created around the structure of your business and the message your sending. It takes years of practice for any photographer to build up a skill set to create that perfect image that says a thousand words. These skill sets are developed and created with perfect Lighting techniques, Correct Lenses, Chain of thought, Positional planning, Post-processing, Marketing and so much more.
There must be thousands of ways on how you can use images in your business. Chances are, you are already using images to help your business succeed and thrive to new heights and do not even realise it or even think about it. However, if there was a way I could show you how to increase profit and improve your good images to great images. What I am about to share with you could increase your marketing and could even double your potential new client base, then why miss this opportunity. This great chain of thought with any photographer and bursting with creative fresh new ideas. It doesn’t come with a great deal of cost but comes with great value to you and your business that needs this.

Here are my top 5 reasons why i genuinely believe Every Business Needs A Photographer.

  1. Using simple images worked 30-40 years ago and still does now for any business.                                  
    Showcase who you are and why you are there. Picture this, a sandwich shop for example: Many years ago, I use to know a little place in the corner of a main road in Leicester named Miss Piggy’s. A simple 1-2 manned shop providing simple fast food breakfast and lunch to all the locals in her area. Simple sign above her shop, simple black and white menu.
    She used to make the most amazing sandwiches and the best breakfast I have ever tasted. Now here’s the thing, on her 3rd anniversary of trading as soon as she started producing a menu with just a few simple images in her menu and a few printed canvases on the wall, her trade doubled within a few weeks. Even builders use to go out of their way to visit Miss Piggy’s to get their breakfast. The images she used were carefully chosen, placed and planned to give it the best light, angle and taste. Did you know people eat with there eyes, no? it is a fact that people taste what they see before they eat it. If you saw poster of a cheese on toast where the cheese is still sizzling on top, would you not get that sensation of that taste in you mouth? Of course, you would. You see where I’m going with this right! The right image with a little thought can do a long way.
    Even though this was over 20 years ago. The idea of using images to showcase your product no matter how simple the product, it can work and most of the time it does. Not much has change now, as a simple image creates thought and revokes emotions is all you need.                                                                                                         
  2. Showing your products in its best light speaks a thousand word.                                                                 
    Even if your images are not used for business. Living in a digital world and being surrounded by trigger happy digital cameras and mobiles, it is easy to show and tell your best caption. However, we have forgotten the art and the value of print. I love to print my images and show the best ones on my wall of fame. Some of my best work hanging on my walls at home maybe purely there for our viewing pleasure, but good images shown in their best light still attracts new business.
    Just like products photography, any good image works wonders. Shown in its best light will sell the product or/and sell the emotion. Selling emotions is what I call selling the invisible. The right image taken by the right photographer can do wonders to create emotions and chain of thought just by a simply creating a good image. A photographer’s sole job is to create and capture the right image fully understanding from the binning what the image will be used for and the sole purpose it needs to achieve. Can a professional photographer turn a good product in to a great product? I honestly believe they can, with planning, lighting, and the correct Camera and Lenses. A true pro photographer can bring the product detail to life and show details that you would not normally thing about or notice.
    You can always buy a DSLR Camera and take your own images. However, I could go on for ever about the endless benefits of using a good photographer and wealth of experience they bring to the table. As all images, it’s all in the detail and good images turned in to great point of sale is always going to be a long-term benefit to your business.                                                                                                                                                                            
  3. Professional images of the people that makes your Business great.Building that important brand with people that keep the cogwheels turning has a true industrial challenge to achieving that successful business. If you are a CEO of a medium to large business. How people see you, your team and the business in whole is vitally important. Whether online or in office, to produce that professional image takes time and now to maintain it takes thought and vision. This is where a photographer can help complete your vision for your business. I have sold images taken in New York City that have been used in large offices to create that look and feel that tells a story of your company brand.
    If like me, you like reading. I would highly recommend a book by Harry Beckwith “Selling The Invisible”. These are not my words, but words from great speaker like Harry Beckwith that says it all. For some Businesses it’s not about what your offering and becomes more about your team offers that dictates your higher prices. I honestly believe is people and believe that everyone of us has something truly special. It’s that special something that you can see but your potential clients will see.
    Let me share a famous quote by Harry Beckwith that said “Building your brand doesn’t take millions. It takes imagination” and “We think with our eyes”. Most if not all photographers I know will have the ability to create and imagine, with a practical chain of thought to paint a picture for your business to help your build your company brand. Photographers don’t take photos; they capture an image that tells a story that builds a picture. A good portrait will tell a story and a professional portrait will build your company brand. The skills of a professional photographer don’t come from his £3000 DSLR Camera or his £5,000 – £15,000 Lenses, as the skill is in the chain of thought and creating that all important story that every business needs. “We think with are eye” and “Selling The Invisible” by Harry Beckwith. Some businesses sell services you just can’t see or package in a box and that is what I would call “Selling the Invisible”. Sometimes this kind of service can attract a higher price and value to potential client. A good photographer can help build that image and create that image of a service that you can’t see or packaged but its there because a good photographer built it for all to see.
  4. History is not created, its captured & increases with value for decades to come.Wow! That’s a crazy quote, right? Hell yeah.
    Like house prices and the older they get the more value it adds to the building and so important to maintain its history and do what we must to preserve the past. For many years now technology has given us the ability to preserve and restore some history with software like Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop. Digital images taken from good cameras and stored in your archive holds no value. As where people that hold printed photo that are hundreds of years old becomes a piece of art. You can’t put a price on that.
    Bringing the value back to printing and showcasing your best images new or old, works wonders for any business. This is where again, a true visionary like a photography will create and capture a moment in time that will last for hundreds of years to come. A moment that will never be repeated, will increase in value with age.
    This doesn’t just apply to businesses; it also holds great value to you and me too. I have a few images going back 80 years. Printed images where I know those moments will never be repeated and that’s what makes printed images for you, me and every business a great benefit long-term. It all starts with a good photography and a great imagination.
  5. Online content is dominating the world, and why not print and showcase your work, your team, your achievements and success.                                                                                                                      
    Here’s the secret. This moment in time you are reading my blog. Why? Because your online and your searching the www for another way to market your business and another way to offer and achieve excellent service, this is great! You may be a photographer reading this, because you want to reach out to businesses that needs a good photographer, this is great too!
    The truth is, if you’re in business and your looking to market your services to reach more potential clients. A photographer is also doing the same as you now. The only deference is now a days, a photographer doesn’t just plan, create, execute and post-process the images and the services your marketing. A good photographer will also help you market your business and help double your marketing reach without any extra cost to you. As photographers absolutely love sharing their images and do this is their spare time anyway and they do this for free because it helps them reach out to new potential clients too. So why not take full advantage and get the complete package that will save you marketing cost. It’s a win win situation.
    Here’s another secret most people that use online marketing forget about. Your read for this? With billions of people online on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Tweeter, Tik-Tok and so many others say to reach you target clients. Why waste money on printing? I hear you ask. Right?
    Well again like before, with so many people trigger happy with their mobile phones, all their images get stored in their archive and then forgotten about. The value is lost within a few minutes. Just like, when your scrolling through Instagram and you see maybe one of your a sponsored ads. Soon as you scroll passed it, it’s forgotten about and you potential client probably will not even remember it 5 minutes later.
    My secret that’s been a long-forgotten art of “Printing”. Simple right? Well yes, it’s as simple as that Printing is the secret that so many people forget about. Picture this: A guy that’s been in lockdown that’s no longer got the energy to work on his garden. He searches online but doesn’t trust people online and wants someone local. How does a person feel the trust? I will tell you how, he gets a printed leaflet through his letter box with photos of a gardener and his work and services he offers. I honestly believe that people will trust what they feel and like this guy right here will feel the trust when holding this leaflet is more likely to trust this local service then online ad. Maybe not everyone will use local services however, my guess would be 30-40% of people will use local services from a Printed Magazine or a Leaflet, I know I do. I will go even further by saying that if a trusted face of any company is on the Magazine or Leaflet, then a higher percentage of people are more likely to trust that business. People trust people and this is where any good photographer will tell you that planning, creating and building that all important complete picture with trusting faces will capture a regrowth of this market and your business. A photographer can simplify the whole process from start to finish that will add great value and cost saving as he/she will probably be more than happy to market your add for free on the their social media. Simply saving you marketing cost and its as simple as that.


In the end, Every Business Needs a Photographer!